As Human As I Am


Documentary – 3o minutes

LGBTI activists in Nepal fight for the recognition of a ‘third gender’ category. Religious leaders in Malawi come face to face with the very people that they condemn. In Fiji, a school teacher challenges his students to question their belief that homosexuality is wrong.

Sexual and gender minority groups around the world face many forms of discrimination and persecution. ‘As Human as I Am’ documents stories and strategies from LGBTI communities in Nepal, Malawi and Fiji, as they campaign for recognition, protection and inclusion. Although human sexuality and gender identity is incredibly diverse, everyone is born with the same right to live and love freely, without fear of oppression or exclusion.



Directed and Produced by Alice McDowell

Cinematography by Maurice Gunning

Music by Mois├ęs Mas Garcia

Edited by Alice McDowell

Animation by Small Fry Animations

Sound Design by Paul Rowland

Produced with the support of Galway Film Centre and Galway UNESCO City of Film